Winter has arrived!!  Dress WARMLY!!  Touque, mitts (warmer than gloves),  3 more layers than you think!  No bare legs or arms.  And wool socks!


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Training Updates Thursday Dec 8

Ocean Cliff Elementary CLOSED- High Jump & Throws Practice CANCELLED

HT Thrift OPEN - HS Practice ON

Outside Throws practices cancelled for the remainder of December due to field conditions.    HS Throwers encouraged to attend the 5-7pm training at HT Thrift, and JD Throwers are encouraged to attend the regular JD training at Chantrell Creek 6-7:30pm.     ****  Ocean Cliff should be available next Thursday, Dec 15 for Throws Rotational training


*** JD's and Seahorses - training as usual on Thursdsay Dec 8 at Chantrell Creek.   Thursday Dec 15 will be outdoors 6-7pm due to school closure.   Seahorse practice to be determined - either 5:30 or 6pm start.



Come On Ocean!!  We can do better!  Dress warmly and be generous with your warm heart!  Thank you to those of you who gave generously to the Food Bank fund on Saturday.   But too few.  Please consider giving what you can  $1 - $5 from each club member will go a long way to making this cold December a little warmer for our families in need!!

Funds will be collected at  Thursday, Saturday & Monday practices  - please give to Mo or your coach!!!



Lucas Bruchet takes Silver in the Canadian XC Championships Senior Men's 10km.    Well done Luc !!  Check out all of the Canadian Championships XC results here. The Championships could return to Abbotsford in 2019, 2020.  Start getting ready!! 


Indoor Training at HT Thrift!




Photos of our athletes and coaches needed - email to Mo or Anna Hewstan


BC Athletics 2016 Track & Field Award Winners

Midget 14 Female:  Maya Kobylanski and Olivia van Ryswyk

Midget 15 Males: Ryan Denman


Congratulations to our JD Award Winners for 2016!

Front row L to R: Laysha Tunti, Leah Peters, Emma de Boer, Caiden Lee, Evan Dunfee, Canadian Olympic Team Racewalker - 4th 50km walk - Haley Issel, Ryan Cyr, Lyndsey Cyr, Taylor Kleinschmidt, Ben Carr, Coach Mo

Back row Lto R: Isla Stewart, Vanessa Pinto, Owen Pinto, Coach Jeannie, Connor Nicol, Coach Ted, Logan Groleau, Coach Steve, Nicholas Pavlovic, Justin Denman, Andy Carr




Fall Training Schedule

Throws:   Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays - 5-7pm.  Saturdays 10-noon + noon to 2pm.  Please contact Coach Dave to let him know which implement(s) you wish to train and to ensure you are on his email list.  This time of year, it is dangerous to throw in poor weather so it is important that Coach Dave be able to contact you to let you know if a session has been cancelled.  Sessions are divided into distinct time sections.   Welcome to Rori Denness who is now assisting Coach Dave with the javelin program.

High Jump:  Indoor HJ Thursday, at Ocean Cliff Elementary at the western end of 20th Avenue.  These sessions are now being opened to JD athletes.  Please let Coach Jeannie and Coach Mo know if you are interested in this program.   These sessions are not for rank beginners, although there will be some introductory sessions soon.    

HS Middle Distance/Cross Country: Mondays 5:30-7pm @ the track,  Thursdays 5:30-7pm HT Thrift,  Saturdays 10am-11:30am.  Saturday November 19th 10-11:30am at the track  

High School Power Speed (sprints, hurdles, long/triple jump):  Mondays, Tuesdays 5:30-7pm Track, Thursdays 5-7pm Indoors HT Thrift Elementary and Saturdays 10-noon Track 

Pole Vault:  Contact Coach Len for specifics  

Junior Development 2007-2004:    Mondays 6-7pm Outdoors South Surrey Track,  Thursdays Indoors 6-7:30 Chantrell Creek Elementary, Saturdays Outdoors South Surrey Track 10-11:30am

Seahorse Program  2010-2008:   Thursdays Indoors 5:30-6:30pm Chantrell Creek Elementary , Saturdays 10-11:30am South Surrey Track


Best wishes to all of our Ocean grads entering their post - secondary lives.  Joel della Siega (UBC), Kira Pederson & Elise Burgert (SFU), Jackson Silvester-Lee (off to Australia for school in the spring of 2017), Jolden Bopari, Sammi Klymchuk, Chloe Alkema & Glenn Johnston (Trinity Western), Kendra Vermette, & Julia van Vliet.   Let us know what you are doing if not listed here & keep us updated on your adventures.  All of us at Ocean Athletics wish you every success and look forward to seeing you throughout the year and in particular next spring at the end of first year!



We are located in South Surrey.   Please contact us at the helpdesk . Ask for Maureen.