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Here is your chance to give the City of Surrey your suggestions for the improvement of our beloved South Surrey Athletic Park Track and Field facility.  The survey will be open until the weekend.  Please take a few minutes to complete this survey.  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/8STBDDY

It's chilly out there!  Dress warm for outdoor practices - hat, mitts and multiple layers.

*** Monday, November 30  5:30 start for both Seahorses and JD's to facilitate getting to the AGM at Semiahmoo Secondary for 7:30pm     (Seahorses 5:30-6:30,   JD's  5:30-7pm )


2015 AGM - Monday, November 30th - 7:30pm - Semiahmoo Secondary - The AGM is a required activity of Ocean Athletics.  Please plan to attend.  Pizza will be served.  Members will receive an email shortly with the agenda and asking for confirmation for attendance so that the enough pizza can be ordered!!

Ocean Athletics to host 2016 JD Championships !!!  July 29-31st   A great opportunity for all of our athletes to compete in the championships on our home track.  Please mark this weekend on your calendar!!

Congratulations to our Cross Country Runners for a great season.

Good luck to Ocean's master xc runner Corinne Issel who will compete in this weekend's Canadian Cross Country Championships in Kingston Ontario as a member of the BC XC Team.  Live coverage of the event can be found at http://www.athleticscanada.tv/

Saturday - November 7 - BC High School Cross Country Championships  -fierce competition, challenging courses, rain, wind, lots of mud and school pride on the line.  Our Ocean athletes did our club proud.  Each race was composed of more than 200 of BC's finest high school age cross country runners.  Congratulations to all of our cross country athletes, and Coaches Lynn, Carl, Brian and Derek for ensuring our were well prepared for this meet. And congratulations to Ocean member, Coach Yewchuk from Semiahmoo Secondary for the strong performances of the Semiahmoo teams.

Junior Girls: Hannah Milic (29), Cayla Smith (116)

Junior Boys: Lyle McCain (81)Kaelan House (105), Michael Miller (158)   Lyle and Michael led their Semiahmoo Secondary team to aan 18th place finish.

Senior Girls: Jessica Williams (26), Danielle Steer (40), Alexa Porpaczy (46), Lisa Siedelmann (66), Emily Liang (82), Dominika Paige (109), Sarah Darby (134), Sammi Klymchuk (167)  Jessica, Alexa, Emily, Dominika and Sarah led their Semiahmoo Secondary team to a Bronze medal.

Senior Boys: Luke Forsyth (48), Andrew Lewis (86) and Jackson Silvester-Lee (110)

Full BC HS XC results here.

Sunday - November 8 - JD Standards Award Banquet.  Ocean athletics had 13 athletes invited to the prestigious JD Standards Award Banquet.  In order to be invited, athletes must achieve performances based on the previous year's All-Time Top Ten Tables.  2016 standards can be found here. Congratulations to all of the athletes, and thank you Coaches Don, Ted, Brad, Robert, Steve, Jim, Len, Charlene, Jay and Mo for preparing the athletes so well.

2002 - Katie Deslauriers (HJ - 1.51m)

Michelle Dadson (Discus - 34.57m, Shot Put - )

Maya Kobylanski (1200m - 3:52.24,  2000m - 6:58.79)

Olivia van Ryswyk (Pole Vault - 2.41m)

2003 - Emma De Boer (HJ - 1.53m)

Isabelle Forsyth (Discus 35.41m, Shot Put - 10.06m)

Laysha Tunti (80mH - 13.01)

Owen Pinto (800m - 214.61, 1200m 3:44.31)

2004 - Nicholas Pavlovic (60m-8.34, 100m - 13.40, 200m - 27.50, LJ - 4.40m)

2005 - Leah Peters (600m - 1:52.87, 1000m - 3:30.39)

Ben Carr (HJ - 1.40m, LJ - 4.16m, Pentathlon 2103 points)

Andrew Carr (Hj - 1.35m, Lj - 4.30m)

Ryan Cyr (Discus - 20.62m, Shot Put 11.11m)


BC Club XC Championships - Saturday - October 24th - Nanaimo

A small but dynamic group of Ocean Athletics Cross Country runners competed on the fast Nanaimo BC XC Championships course.

2005 girls  Leah Peters (2nd), Mackenzie Hack (3rd), Haley Issel (5th)

2004 boys  Liam Kobylanski (4th), Rocco Wesnoski (8th), Charles Antscherl (9th)

2004 girls  Kaylie Borntraeger (7th)

2003 boys  Owen Pinto (2nd),

2003 girls  Maya Kobylanski (4th), Sarah Bezdan-Tkach (8th)

Midget Boys (2001/02) Harrison Almrud (17th), Kaelan House (2oth)

Midget Girls (2001/02)  Hannah Milic (11th), Cayla Smith (19th)

Youth Boys (1999/2000) Jackson Silvester-Lee (30th), Luke Forsyth (35th)

Masters  Corinne Issel (3rd overall, 1st W35-39), Liz Dilasser (7th overall, 1st W70-74), Brad Smith (19th overall, 3rd M55-59)

We had to give up the JD Aggregate Award for the first time in 10 years!!  Nanaimo ran well edging us out by 11 points but we managed to overcome Thunderbirds by just one point  Phew!!  Next year JD's - book this weekend and let US have lots of athletes in every category and give Nanaimo and Thunderbirds a great competition!

  BC Cross Country Championships in Nanaimo, JDs and Master runners

Lower Mainland Cross Country Series Winners!! Congratulations to all!! (athletes had to complete a minimum of 4 of the 6 LM XC series events)

2005 Girls - Leah Peters 2nd, Mackenzie Hack 3rd,  Haley Issel 5th

2003 Girls - Rebecca Sy 4th, Kaylie Borntraeger 6th

2002 Girls - Maya Kobylanski 2nd, Sarah Bezdan-Tkach 7th

2001 Girls - Cayla Smith 1st, Hannah Milic 2nd

2005 Boys - Caiden Lee 5th

2004 Boys - Liam Kobylanski - 2nd, Rocco Wesnoski 3rd, 

2003 Boys - Owen Pinto 1st

2001 Boys - Harrison Almrud - 1st


Ocean Athletics Clothing Store    Ocean Athletics has partnered with Kukri, an international sportswear company.  The online store will be open again once the sample clothing arrives.  If you did see something from the site that you wished to order now,  please contact Mo asap so that your order can be added to the Sample order - these will arrive in time for Christmas.       Items for sale will include training pants, capris and jacket (not a rain jacket) , split shorts and long bench coats (think Mo's silver coat).  The website is up but orders can no longer be placed online.  Check out the finished prducts at:   Ocean Athletics Online Store   A full line of sizes has been ordered in our Ocean colours and with our logo.  These will be here in 6 weeks.  The store will be open again once the samples are in.  These orders are unlikely to be delivered by Christmas (6weeks) so you may have to wrap a picture of the garment for your loved ones!!  All Ocean gear is available for purchase by parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents!!

And right here, right now,  we have a good supply of hoodies, rain jackets and a variety of tshirts.  These are available any training session (Hoodies $25, youth size rain jackets $73, adult size rain jackets $80, short sleeved - $10 - and long sleeved - $12 tshirts - and our famous and gorgeous short sleeved 2010 Olympic coloured training/competition shirt - $35 )  The new Ocean Athletics competition top and shorts will be available for the 2016 season.

Training Schedules

HS Throwers, Sprinters/Hurdlers/Jumpers & Middle Distance Runners:   Mondays Indoors 5-7pm Peace Arch Elementary, Thursdays Indoors 5-7pm Thrift Elementary.  Saturdays 10-12noon at the track.

*** parents, please plan to pick up for 6:55pm .  Another group follows Ocean at 7pm so it is important for us to be completely clear of the gym a couple of minutes before 7pm

JD's & Seahorses  Mondays: Indoors (starting November 16th)  5:30-6:30 for Seahorses,  6-7:30pm for JD's.   JD's should be prepared with both outdoor and indoor clothing as the workout will begin with a warmup to the track weather permitting. Bayridge Elementary - 1730 - 142nd Street

*** parents, please plan to pick up for 6:30pm for Seahorses, 7:30 for JD's.  

Monday, November 30  5:30 start for both Seahorses and JD's to facilitate getting to the AGM at Semiahmoo Secondary for 7:30pm - Seahorses 5:30-6:30,   JD's  5:30-7pm 

Thursdays: Outdoors at the track.  Seahorses 6-7pm,  JD's 6-7:30pm  (if it is a particularly stormy and wet night, please check the website to see if practice has been shortened to a 7pm finish)   Saturdays:  10-11:30 for both JD's & Seahorses.

Throwers Coach Don: High School and older - Mondays INDOORS 5-7pm PEACE ARCH ELEMENTARY At Track - Wednesdays 5-7pm, Saturdays 11am-2pm   Coach Judy will return to coaching after Christmas.

Pole Vault - contact Coach Len for specifics

Masters:  Saturdays - 8:15am Crescent Park - NO PRACTICE NOVEMBER 28 - Masters join us for the regular Senior JD workout of hills and trail running. (10am at the track)

 Ocean Athletics Track and Field Club gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Province of British Columbia through the Gaming Community Grants Program.  This financial support allows Ocean Athletics to continue to operate and improve our track and field programming for youth ages 6 years and older.”

Founded in March of 2006, Ocean Athletics is a track and field club offering training and coaching for athletes ages 9+. We have 280 members with 12 qualified coaches in the areas of sprints, throws, distance and jumps.

In the spring of 2012, five Rotary Clubs came together to help Ocean Athletics and the City of Surrey to build a storage shed that now houses our pole vault, high jump and throwing equipment. Thank you to:

  • Rotary Club of White Rock Millennium
  • Rotary Club of White Rock Peace Arch 
  • Rotary Club of White Rock Peninsula 
  • Rotary Club  of Semiahmoo (White Rock) 
  • Rotary Club of White Rock

 In the spring of 2014, the new Rona shed was completed in the northwest corner of the track. Ocean Athletics shares 1/4 of that space.   Thank you to Drew Kightley and Rona for their sponsorship of this project.

We are located in South Surrey. Contact us via email helpdesk or at (604)535-2062. Ask for Maureen.